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Journal entries aren't exactly my thing, but today I really want to do it.
Love has no gender, or race. Love doesn't belong to a certain country or religion.
Or, more correctly: If you love someone all those things shouldn't matter to you more than being with that person. If they do, then it's probably not love.
Of course I had these thoughts - when I was still a teen I had a best friend who was gay and we talked about it a lot, but time went on and we sadly drifted apart. I'm not saying that I forgot it, more like didn't think about it for a long time.
Somewhere in 2008, or 2009 I stumbled across a Korean flash-cartoon "There She Is!!" for the second time (I remembered that it had a bit annoying music, but was really funny), and saw that the authors made a sequel, and another, and another... So I watched the whole thing and by the end of it I was literally sobbing. It hit me so hard again - LOVE is LOVE, no matter who you both are.
A week ago I remembered the cartoon and found it having been remastered on YT.
I think today is the right day to remind people about this exceptional and sadly forgotten cartoon.
Please, watch them in order (ALL FIVE!!!) and remember the message.

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As I googled today, it could be written like that:

I could not not do this post!!! XD

Well, I've felt that I'm loosing my English for about half an year.. Because of my lack of practice..
So I decided to take English lessons in an education company. Today was my first lesson in English School called TOM'S HOUSE! XDDDD
I suppose all of you know WHAT that mean! LOL, LOL and LOL again!

I think, it could have been better if I had started at the very beginning.. Sometimes I wasn't quite sure if I use the right Tense, sometimes I was sure that I had just used wrong one...
Oh, yes, conversation is much more difficult than writing exercises! When write, I have enough time to think over my just written sentence and an unwritten one. I can look back at my mistakes and correct some of them. But when I ought to talk.. I have NO time to think over ANYTHING! So I just must understand, what exactly I'm going to say in Russian and put it in English maximally correctly at once!
But, you know, it is even funny))) We laughed a lot today)))
So let it be English again in my life! (I missed it so much!)

С почином)))
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  • Reading: IT by Stephen King
Well, I'll return to DA ASAP)
But I have to dissapear for a while)
THANK YOU ALL for being with me)
  • Reading: My tickets
Oh, I need help! Can somebody help me?
I'm leaving for Moscow next week and I want to make a special present to one person. Our sensei)) This thing means a lot for Alexander - it reminds him about his young years)
There was a Christmas song long time ago. A song from "The Smurfs" animated TV-series. The Smurfs-cartoon wasn't translated in Russia, so I wasn't able to get a lyrics to the song
"Christmas in Smurfland" (1978)
All I managed to get was:
"Christmas, Christmas, in smurfing land,
Christmas, Christmas, lets walk hand in hand,
Christmas, Christmas hear the bells chime,
the world's full of magic, for it's Christmas time!"

There is a very narrowly specialized Christmas vocabulary in this song and I don't have enough knowledge for recording it aurally..

I would be eternally grateful for any help you can offer me!

There is a link to YouTube version.

Thank you all in advance!!! ~♥
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  • Reading: what I've written now O_O
I made this entry only to hide my large previous one!
I was suggested! X) So, as I said earlier, I was suggested by Sheenah to make up some sort of music meme!

There are the rules:
“Like everybody, you probably listen to music. Like everybody, you probably listen to popular songs. Like everybody, you probably listen to more obscure or less-known music/artists.
I thought about making this little meme of some sort about your favourite artists that you believe aren't very known to others, or some songs from a popular artist that nobody know.
This is simple, name the your favourites artists and up to 5 of your favourite songs from them (not the most popular ones, those you personally LOVE). This way, we can discover new artists or songs we never heard about.  You can also link videos to the songs, could be fun ^^”
© Sheenah

Well, I thought about this meme much, but I couldn’t do it because of some circumstances.. Now I’m able to do this, hooray!!
And I tried to choose rare songs.. So, here I go:

Mylène Farmer
Sans Logique
Maman a tort
Mylène ft. Moby – Slipping away
Je te rends ton amour
Dernier sourire
I love Mylène so much that 5 songs seem not enough for me :D

David Bowie
Under Pressure *__*
Life on Mars
Oh! You Pretty Things
Thursday's Child
Rebel Rebel
I’m in love with David since I was a little girl – I saw “The Man Who Fell to Earth”.. Awww! I felt so sorry for poor Tommy! T_T
That’s why I love young and vulnerable red-haired David with those .. teeth so much)))

Live To Tell
Crazy for you
Who's That Girl
What It Feels Like For A Girl  (Above & Beyond )  (Since I am playing RE4 Claire’s Separate ways – The best “Song To Kill Some Zombies” ever!!! I replaced  st056.ogg and st066.ogg with it *__*)
Cherish!  Live in Nice, France

Princess of the Universe (Highlanderrrr is L-O-V-E!)
Somebody to love
Too Much Love Will Kill You

Regina Spektor (A great girl! Умничка!)
Fidelity (The first video of hers I saw)
► Better (my FAVOURITE song)
official version
alternate version

My Eyes
Flowers on the window

the pillows
I think I can ( Most positive song! )
Hybrid Rainbow   (Aww I often sang it with Oxy’s accompaniment)
Ladybird Girl

!!! ♫ Russian Rock (The style of music which is hard for understanding without knowing the lyrics and their/its meaning/translation)
Аквариум (Aquarium) - Город золотой (Golden city) (with a translation)

Агата Кристи (Agatha Christie)
► Ближе (Closer) [..I so damn hate you, hate you/ But you’re getting closer, closer to me..]
audio version
live (watch after 2:20)
► Чёрная луна (The Black Moon)  
with a good translation (!)
concert version
Kill love

Наутилус Помпиллиус – Одинокая птица (Nautilus Pompillius) – Lonely Bird)

В последнюю  осень (I’m not sure if I should translate it as “Into The Last Autumn”, or as “With The Last Autumn” )
Любовь (LOVE)

Кино (“KINO” – “The Film”)   (Tsoi is always alive!)
Муравейник (An ant hill)
Пачка сигарет (A pack of cigarettes)

Мельница (The Windmill) (an awesome band)
►Двери Тамерлана (Tamerlane’s door)
audio version
Live - "Jam Session" channel *__*
Королевна (King's Daughter)  
Полнолуние (Full moon)

♫ Just good songs)
My personal hash..I mean herbs XD Hatsune Miku - Popipo~ (ILOVEITILOVEITILOVEIT!!! XDDDD)
ABBA – Slipping through my fingers
DJ Groove – Счастье есть 1996 (The Happiness Exists!)
Vampire Princess Miyu OST (OVA) - Opening Theme
Hitomi - Wish (Awww! Those LOOKS!!! *__*)
Sash! - La Primavera (I like this version)
Alizée - Lilly Town
(I place it into RE4 instead of st037.ogg – My “Assignment Claire”))
Samantha Fox – That Sensation
Flёur - Тёплые коты (Warm Cats)  (another brilliant band)

So I tag everyone who want to do it, especially this dude! He is a dear friend of our family! And I promised to tag him))
Also I'd like to see LittleElvert, RinaIzumo (I remember that I owed you 3 flashmobs O_o) and Higure-no-Hikari do this suggestion! XD

PS. I'm so grateful to Sheenah for doing this "meme"))

Aw! How could I forget! Thanks to our Dimka for remindig)))
Ногу Свело - Хару Мамбуру (Nogu Svelo..Cramp in the Leg (?) - Haru Mamburu) XDDDDD

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